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The Lucky Lovers of London series consists of queer romances of variously gendered pairings. Though the setting of 1880s London was notoriously hostile to queer love, our characters always get "lucky" by the end, and get their happy endings. Heat and angst are subjective, but on-page sex and time-period-related traumas are present in these books. That said, you'll also find a lot of fluff, humor, friendship and fabulous hats.


Some more detailed content is listed below for readers who want or need it.

Please note that these may contain spoilers.

THE GENTLEMAN'S BOOK OF VICES Period-typical homophobia and sexism, coercive parents, discussion of the imprisonment and death of a previous lover, discussion of blackmail, brief discussion of forced adoption and birth trauma, explicit sex that is mildly (somewhat humorously) kinky, use and abuse of alcohol, period-typical opiate use

A RULEBOOK FOR RESTLESS ROGUES A main character has a history of abuse at the hands of a parent and an intimate partner. While this is dealt with non-graphically, his resulting C-PTSD and an on-page connection to that ex-partner drive parts of the plot. There is an off-page suicide of an unsympathetic character. Book opens immediately following physical "discipline" (abuse) and bullying at school. All on-page sex is between adults, but their underage history is discussed. There is period-typical homophobia, racism, and sexism. Arrest and violence pose significant threats, though do not occur in any Lucky Lovers books.

A BLUESTOCKING'S GUIDE TO DECADENCE Plot is driven by a prominent side-character facing a high-risk pregnancy; a main character coping with her own mother's death in childbirth; period-typical misogyny and homophobia; discussion of past abortions; past familial abuse/spiritual abuse; Victorian medical attitudes (leeches, etc.)

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